Does Cdjapan Japan Ship to UK?

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worldwide shippingDoes Cdjapan Japan Ship to UK? Direct shipping from Cdjapan Japanese store is restricted to domestic Japanese addresses only.

To get items seen on Cdjapan Japanese website, alternative shipping services are available such as Rakuten Global Express.

Proxy services such as Rakuten Global Express are safe alternate ways to purchase your products from Cdjapan Japan website, which would otherwise be unavailable to those abroad, including UK.

How to buy from Japanese Cdjapan in UK with Rakuten Global Express Forwarding Services?

The actions required to reach your objective of purchasing from Japanese Cdjapan in UK with Rakuten Global Express Forwarding Services address are as follows:

  1. Register as a new user with Rakuten Global Express (RGE)
  2. Complete the identity verification procedure by submitting an official document such as a passport or ID card to verify your name, present address, and date of birth
  3. Get your Japanese Address (Which looks similar to “RGXセンター-MLJ38337”)
  4. When shopping at a Japanese online store such as Cdjapan, set the shipment address to your Rakuten Global Express address
  5. RGX will combine your items into one bundle and send you a shipping charge notification through email.
  6. Receive your products to your preferred UK.

Actions one through 3 will need to be completed before products from Japanese Cdjapan arrive at the RGE Warehouse if this is your first time using the service.

Rakuten Global Address how it works

Why Choose Rakuten Global Express Forwarding Services to assist you buy from Japanese Cdjapan in UK?

The benefits of using RGE when shopping from Cdjapan or another e-Commerce website, consist of convenience, flexibility, and speed.

Deliveries from several shops, or just Cdjapan, are able to be combined into one convenient package, saving cash and product packaging material. Or you can purchase and send out one product if wanted!

RGE uses different shipping alternatives consisting of but not limited to one day shipping, and Auto Pack & Ship (Items will ship as soon as they get to the storage facility from Cdjapan.

International Delivery from Japanese Cdjapan to UK: Customs, taxes and limited products

Due to shipment and destination guidelines of a country/region, some deliveries might not be possible. This consists of items that have actually currently been bought and paid for.

To prevent any trouble, please check the laws and policies of the destination country/region prior to making a purchase.

Caution: Some items can not be delivered overseas. More details. More details available here.